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The Roots...

Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC, located in Westlake Village, California (a Los Angeles suburb), was originally established in 1993 as a design firm with focus on online information services. The company quickly developed a leading design presence, concentrating mostly on the design of Online Services, BBS systems and Corporate Intranets with Excalibur Software. Having designed systems for MCI, The US Naval Reserve, AT&T, Mercury Communications, Nike, among many others, our home system became a central hub for thousands of system operators and administrators world wide.

By 1994, with extreme popularity of our site, we began distributing software related to Internet and Online Services, building a catalog of software containing over 130 products, including one of the first Internet e-mail servers: Portico.

Later, Cyberspace HQ acquired Jester Software, a leading developer of aftermarket applications and plugins for Excalibur, with products including E.X.P.D., MegaMail, Excalagogo, Jump, Gotit, KontrolPro and Logit.

Soon thereafter, the company focus shifted from software distribution to development and design. Our first in-house product was Ask.Me for Excalibur, followed by the award-winning Nic O'Matic, which was featured as Top 10 Shareware in May, 1997 by Windows Magazine.

Our first in-house server product, DeEnesse, was the first application that allows a system administrator to run and manage a DNS server without the intense learning process normally associated with DNS. We have taken a very complicated subject, and simplified it to the point that anyone can run DNS Service and understand it in hours, instead of weeks or months.

Cyberspace HQ has gone on to develop other award-winning applications. The most notable of such is AddWeb Website Promoter. With over a million installations worldwide, AddWeb is the most popular web promotion software available. Furthermore, it has been the #1 selling software in the web category for 2 years in a row (according to PC Data retail software reports). Each month more than250,000 websites are promoted with AddWeb.

The Future...
Cyberspace HQ remains committed to the continued development of new internet software applications that break the mold. At any given time we have as many as 6 software projects on the block, usually with a focus on e-marketing, e-commerce and e-service. Keep an eye open... interesting things are around the corner.


ServiceTraq Wins Best eBusiness Product of the year at COMDEX Fall 2001 in Las Vegas.

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