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NEW in AddWeb 8.0:

The next step in the evolution of the world's most advanced web promotion software is here.

The features on this page show the changes from AddWeb 7.x to 8.0.

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This long awaited major release builds on years of continued AddWeb development, while concentrating on the most current methods of getting your site noticed, while adding new tools to helpyou better maintain your site.

Feature Deluxe Platinum Pro

A program that allows you to reverse-spider a search engine, finding out what page elements help a site, and which hurt a site. The results AdviceBuilder provides feed directly into PageAdvisor. This means you can tune the Page Advisor results to focus on optimizing for specific keywords.


No Yes Yes

SmartPatrol is a program that now installs with AddWeb. It runs in the background on your computer and regularly checks your website(s) to make sure they are up and running. If it finds your site is down, it can notify you via e-mail or SMS message to your cell phone. In addition, it can monitor specific text on your pages, alerting you if your page may have been hacked. Finally, SmartPatrol monitors your connection speed, notifying you when your site is slow.

10 urls

25 urls

HTML Validation
Check your web pages for errors. HTML Validator, finds many syntax errors in your pages that can cause them to display incorrectly in some browsers, and effect search engine ranking.

Yes Yes Yes

AddWeb 8 now boasts a full what you see is what you get HTML editor within the program.

Yes Yes Yes

Link Checker
Scan your website for broken links.

Yes Yes Yes

AW8 Portal
The old AddWeb Overview page that displays when you first open AddWeb has been completely revamped into a Dynamic SEO community, titled the ‘AddWeb Portal’. New additions include:

  • AddWeb Community – Message boards where you can discuss AddWeb and SEO topics with other webmasters that are using AddWeb
  • Community Polls. Find out what others are doing that works
  • Live SEO/Search Engine News Feeds from multiple sources
  • Integrated FAQ and KnowledgeBase
  • Integrated Technical Support
Yes Yes Yes

Video Tutorials
We've added all new video tutorials to help get you started with many of AddWeb's features..

Yes Yes Yes

Increased keyword limits. Deluxe now allows 10 and Platinum allows 25

10 25 Unltd

Page Builder
Keywords are no longer alphabetized in Keyword list so that the list is built in the same order as the keywords were entered

Yes Yes Yes

SEO KnowledgeBase

  • Now integrated into the AddWeb Portal
  • Now includes search feature
  • Now includes a ‘Discuss this with other webmasters’ feature.
Yes Yes Yes

New definitions that take into consideration many search engine changes.

Yes Yes Yes

Keyword Search
Added more search engines


Yes Yes Yes

Keyword Finder
Added new Print Report feature, which generates attractive HTML reports of keyword results.


Yes Yes Yes

Link Trader

  • Added ability to edit login information.
  • Added Open communication features to system mail
  • Improved information in warning and cancel messages
  • Search results can now process multiple requests
  • LinkTrader Server now has background link checking
  • Added Send warning feature for link checks that have no link to link page on site’s home page.
Yes Yes Yes

Pay/Bid Engines

  • Incorporated into AddWeb Portal
  • Added More engines


Yes Yes Yes

SiteStats Live
Now comes with 6 months of Free SiteStats Live Service (Up to 60,000 page views)

Yes Yes Yes

Added new default report style

Yes Yes Yes

Database Update Subscription
Another full year of data updates. Every upgrade to AddWeb 8 includes a one year search engine database subscription.


Yes Yes Yes


Ready to Upgrade? CLICK HERE

What does the upgrade cost?

If you currently own AddWeb 7, you will qualify for a discounted price for AddWeb 8. To get the upgrade, start the upgrade process, and our order system will auto-qualify you. The upgrade prices are:

  • 7 Deluxe to 8 Deluxe: $39.99
  • 7 Deluxe to 8 Platinum: $ 129.99
  • 7 Deluxe to 8 Pro: $269.99
  • 7 Platinum to 8 Platinum: $89.99
  • 7 Platinum to 8 Pro: $239.99
  • 7 Pro to 8 Pro: $169.99

Customers upgrading from versions 3, 4, 5 and 6 have slightly higher upgrade pricing.

You can easily find out what your upgrade qualifications are by going to our upgrade site and entering your current registration codes. The system will automatically offer the best upgrade options for you.

For registered users of AddWeb 3, 4, 5 or 6, click here.

For registered users of AddWeb 7, click here.

Why should I upgrade?

Most types of software only change in terms of new features. If the features a version has satisfies you, you may not see any need in upgrading. AddWeb, on the other hand, is a dynamic software application. The effectiveness of the software is directly related to the nature of external forces (search engines, for example). This means that if the software is left unchanged, it will naturally lose its effectiveness over time because so much changes on the internet. A good example of this is Virus Scanners. As new viruses are discovered, virus scanning software must be enhanced to accommodate new kinds of threats. After a few years, the viruses are more intelligent than the older virus scanners. The same holds true for AddWeb. As search engines explore new technology, and things change on the Internet, AddWeb must be enhanced. The older versions become obsolete very quickly. In fact, most of the changes that happen from one version to the next are 'under the hood' changes that you won't notice. Our submission engine gets more and more intelligent, as do the supporting features.

When we release a new major version of the software, the older version soon goes into 'Phase Out' status. That is, we prepare to make a final build of that version. This is done because we cannot maintain multiple code bases for older versions of the product. It simply gets harder and harder to work around older technology. When a version is phased out, we no longer maintain the integrity of the submission engine, the ranking engine, and other supporting features. In other words, that version will work for as long as things don't change. This is a necessary process in the evolution of this type of software.

In addition to new features and a better engine, an upgrade renews your database update subscription for a full year. Depending on when you purchased AddWeb, your database update subscription may be close to expiry.

Finally, our technical support offerings change when a product enters the phase out stage of life.


What if I don't upgrade?

This depends on the version you currently have licensed.

If you have a valid license for version 7, the following changes will take place:

  • No new features will be added to version 7, however, any bugs discovered will be addressed until a final build is released.
  • Engine database updates will be provided on a regular schedule until the phase out period begins, at which time they will be less frequent until the product end of life occurs. *Engine database updates will be provided as long as your update subscription is current.
  • All technical support channels will remain active until the phase out period begins. After phase out, only online technical support channels will be available. When a product reaches end of life, technical support is no longer available.

If you have a valid license for version 6, the following changes will take place:

  • On April 5th 2005, version 6 reached its end of life. Version 6 is no longer a supported product, and it will no longer be on our database update schedule. This means that as search engine data changes, AddWeb 6 will not be updated to accomodate them.

If you have a valid license for version 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1:

  • These versions are all past their end of life. They are no longer supported, and are no longer on our database update schedule.

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